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The founders of Manny and Me are passionate about childcare and education. We are proud to work with governors and governesses who can provide a nurturing, uplifting environment and exceptional education for primary and secondary-aged children. We understand the importance of holistic development, and our carefully selected professionals offer a unique blend of care and education for your child.

Our governors and governesses are not just caregivers; they are highly qualified teachers, tutors and experienced educators who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your child’s educational journey. They work closely with you and your child (whilst liaising with their schools if you wish) to create personalised learning plans, tailored to their specific needs and interests. From academic support to stimulating intellectual curiosity, our professionals go above and beyond to ensure your child receives an outstanding education.

All potential candidates for your family go through our rigorous selection process, which includes comprehensive background checks, interviews, and reference checks. Only the most dedicated and knowledgeable individuals become part of the Manny and Me team, ensuring your child’s safety and well-being.

Invest in your child’s future by providing them with the exceptional care and education they deserve. Contact us today to find the perfect governor or governess who will nurture and educate your child to their fullest potential.

Who We Work With

At Manny & Me we want to offer families someone special, someone who that has an array of talents. It’s super important for us to find individuals that can inspire children to fulfil their full potential. Here are some of the types of candidates we have at Manny & Me.