Why is hiring a new manny or nanny worth paying extra for?

We get so many enquiries from families who have just had, or are having, a nanny or manny leave them. Often these families and the individual have been together for a while, sometimes even years.

Over that time the nanny or manny has become part of the family, knows everyone from friends and colleagues, to close and distant family members. In the case of nannies or mannies that have been with the family for longer periods, often their lives have become intertwined and they find the period of separation lengthy and difficult.

What we find is that in finding someone new, families want more from their next nanny or manny as they often see it as a chance to find someone who can do a number of different roles that the previous individual couldn’t or didn’t. These people tend to be younger and often people that are not (yet anyway) career childcarers.

What becomes a point of concern for many families when finding someone new, is that they often find that they have to pay more for the new person. This isn’t always the case, but we have some advice and points that are worth bearing in mind, as to why this isn’t always such a bad thing and can actually be cheaper in the long run.

Two For The Price Of One

In finding the perfect new nanny or manny, consider that in going for a graduate or a postgraduate student could serve your children brilliantly if they require homework help or tutoring. Meaning that you not only get a childcarer, but a tutor for the same hourly cost. A tutor alone can often cost £35-40 per hour and if you have an arrangement with your nanny or manny, you can find that you can even these costs out by raising their hourly charge over the week. Meaning that that extra £3 per hour, that seems like a hike in hourly wage for a nanny, actually works out cheaper over the course of a year.

Equally, if your child has a specific interest beit football, singing, acting or tennis, there are nannies and mannies out there that can teach, train and coach in all manner of specific sports and activities. If hiring someone like this, consider the saving you will make over the long term rather than being put off by the raise in initial hourly charge.