Our agency is here for you. Our services are designed to make childcare as convenient as possible and ensure that all parties are looked after, from start to finish.

Our Charges

At Manny & Me we aim to make life as easy as possible for our clients and our employees. We are a full service agency that employs our mannies and nannies directly. We also offer an introductory service, but many of our families like the ease of having tax, National Insurance and pensions dealt with for them.

Our introductory service charges an administration fee which is £50 and an introduction fee that starts at 3.5 times the weekly cost of your nanny or manny (case dependent), and if required, drafts contracts between the clients and the mannies and nannies. In most cases it calculates at 10% of the annual cost of the individual.

Specific costs and charges are dependent on what you personally require. We have a standard hourly charge, but any extra services are negotiated at point of contract agreement.


Mannies and nannies on our payroll are part of the Manny & Me family. We take care of all administration and paperwork surrounding their employment, pensions and benefits. We manage our payroll through Xero, allowing us to deal with administrative duties remotely, suiting our team as they are often working well away from our offices.


Contrary to popular belief, a manny or nanny does not qualify to be self-employed. This is because they have one sole employer. For this reason, most families we work with choose to have us deal with the Tax and NI for them, as this can be very complicated and be extremely time consuming. More information on how to manage this yourself can be found here.


Our T&Cs are sent out to any enquiry straight away. These give families the full range of services that we offer and layout, in detail, how we operate.

Mannies and nannies wanting to know more about working with us, should not hesitate in getting in touch and we can go through the various ways in which you can become part of our growing team.

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